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  • Our Value--George Wedding Dresses Factory

    ·Unsatisfied Efforts Result in Greatest Satisfaction Due to the continuous changes in terms of customers demands, products styles and fashion, we are constantly focusing on these changes, with the...

  • Wedding Dresses Wholesale 2010 Spring

    Wedding Dresses Wholesale 2010 Spring It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones,...

  • Wedding gowns tips and ideas.

    2009-12-28 09:47:24
    Wedding gowns tips and ideas.

    Wedding gowns tips and ideas. Choosing wedding gownses is one of life's most pleasurable dilemmas. Getting it right, however, takes some planning - and a little expert advice. Here's a crash course...

  • Buying a Unique Wedding Gown

    2009-12-28 09:58:55
    Buying a Unique Wedding Gown

    Buying a Unique Wedding Gown Choosing your wedding dress may be one of the most exciting steps you will take on your way to your Toronto wedding. We are here to help make sure that your search for...

  • Buying Your Wedding Gown

    2009-12-28 10:03:02
    Buying Your Wedding Gown

    Buying Your Wedding Gown   When Choosing Your Wedding Gown There are thousands of wedding gown fashions to choose from. Brides can choose a wedding gown with traditional embellishments like the...

  • Bridal Lingo

    2009-12-28 13:05:52
    Bridal Lingo

       A search for a wedding gown can be quite frustrating if you don't find the right shop that knows service. Personalized Service is the key to a good Bridal Gown Shop. Want to make their life...

  • Bridal Show Knowledge

    2009-12-28 13:40:54
    Bridal Show Knowledge

    Just a ton of questions that start popping into your head as you attend a bridal fashion show. Being a wedding vendor, I too, am guilty of one or two of the following at one time or another. However,...

  • How to Start a Bridal Dress Business

    With more bridal publications and services than ever before, starting a bridal dress business is a smart way to get in on the action. Like starting any business, there will be blood, sweat and tears,...

  • How to Choose Shoes for a Wedding

    2010-02-05 10:28:31
    How to Choose Shoes for a Wedding

    If you are going to attend a wedding anytime soon or even ifyou are a bride yourself, choosing shoes is something you will need to do. Thereare many things you may want to think about before selecting...

  • 2010 wedding gown industry rakes

    2010-02-23 15:01:19
    2010 wedding gown industry rakes

    2010 wedding gown industry rakes The market for wedding dresses is booming in Chengdu inSouthwest China's Sichuan province, with the highest profit in a bridaldress shop or wedding planning company...

  • Wedding Dresses Factory China

    2010-03-31 11:22:36
    Wedding Dresses Factory China

    George Bride Wedding Dress Factory.As a wedding gowns manufacturer, westrive hard to meet customers' demands by using high quality weddinggowns raw materials for production of top quality wedding...

  • Who should pay for flower girl dresses?

    As the bridesmaid dresses, flowergirlsdresses are also a large amount to pay. It should be whoseresponsibilityto pay for the flower girls dresses?   Usually, child attendants' parents pay fortheir...